Grower Profile

Costantino Family

The Costantino Family grows asparagus and table grapes at their property Grapeland, which is located in Robinvale, Victoria - the heart of Australia’s table grape growing region.

From a young age Sam would help his father on the farm and in 1978 Sam bought his first vineyard, which was the start of the Grapeland brand.

Since then Sam and his wife Mary have run the vineyard and managed all operations while raising their five children.

As the family grew so did the business. This included buying neighbouring dried fruit farms and developing them to table grape vineyards. As the children finished school to help Sam in the vineyard he bought and established an asparagus farm, which is on the banks of the Murray River.

Today Sam remains heavily involved in the business as Chief Executive Officer and manages all grape sales and sons Frank, Joseph, Christopher and Michael each manage their specialist areas of the farm operations.

Frank has been involved in the family business since the early age of 15, when he left school to help his father. Over the past 15 years Frank has become Grapeland’s head agronomist.

Joseph has worked at the farm since he finished school in 2001 and now runs all asparagus operations for Grapeland from the pack house through to sales.

From an early age Christopher has always been interested in engineering. Now, 10 years later, he runs all Grapeland’s maintenance and engineering.

Over the past eight years Michael has managed Grapeland’s labour hiring and training, making sure Grapeland’s produce remains at the high standards it is known for.

“Growing asparagus there is never a dull moment and on top of this it is the best vegetable to eat. For breakfast try asparagus omelette, for lunch asparagus and salad and for dinner there is nothing better than steak and asparagus. It can be used in so many ways – cooked in the microwave, blanched and pickled are other ways we love to eat it,” says Sam.