Export Market

Australian asparagus has earned an enviable reputation for its luscious eating quality and being 100% clean, green and safe. Most of Australia’s asparagus is produced in Victoria, which has a number of comparative advantages including climate, soils and relative freedom from pests and diseases.

Internationally, Australia is about the eighth largest producer in terms of tonnage, but twelfth in terms of production area, reflecting the high yields of the main production areas. Victoria is the main producer, accounting for at least 70% of exports and over 95% of Australia’s total asparagus production.

30% of the asparagus produced in Australia is sold fresh on the export market, with the major export destinations being Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. The asparagus variety UC157F1 is still the most useable and marketable spring crop.

Japan is a key market for Australian asparagus, with more than 85% of exports from Victoria destined for the Japanese market. To give our customers the very best fresh Asparagus, it is air freighted and can arrive in Japan 30 hours after harvest.

Increased demand for Australian asparagus also exists in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Consignments of freshly harvested Australian asparagus to South East Asia are packed in wooden containers of bunched and loose asparagus to meet customer demand.