Grower Profile

​Hobson Family

Peter Hobson together with his wife Silvana, mother Delma and father Peter, run a farming enterprise called Koowee Green. The Koowee brand came about because their farms are situated on the fertile Koo Wee Rup swamplands. Asparagus is a major part of their business and lives. Being fourth generation farmers in this district the Hobson family has been involved with asparagus for the last 50 years.

Broccolini is another line they grow which offers some diversity in their business. Peter says it is a good fit because there is a lot of cross over between machinery and packing facilities that can be utilised.

In 2002 we purchased a computerised asparagus grader, which streamlined our packing shed. With more accurate grading we have been able to target other markets and reduce our labour costs. In peak season we employ 60 workers, maintaining at least 30 of these workers for ten months of the year.

Like many other local families we have stuck with asparagus as our major line because we believe it is a wonderful vegetable – highly nutritious and great on the plate. My favourite way to eat asparagus would be to have it in an omelette with mushrooms, chilli, spring onion and parmesan cheese,” says Peter.